Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning System

Solder Nozzle Cleaning and Re-Tinning to Ensure Consistent Quality


- Removes oxides and meticulously cleans solder nozzle stabilizing surface tension to ensure uniform solder flow
- 不喷涂液体或粉末助焊剂,己二酸或有机酸,对清洁生产车间环境有利
——生产没有超范围的苛性材料和does not contaminate printed circuit board or selective soldering machine
- Eliminates manual solder nozzle re-tinning minimizing machine downtime
- Compatible with all Nordson SELECT Novo®, Cerno® and Integra® selective soldering machines

Overview。As industry experts we know that only a clean and oxidation free solder nozzle can be properly wetted. Unlike other nozzle cleaning systems, Nordson SELECT’s patent pending Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning System does not spray a liquid or powdered flux, or adipic acid.

Our automatic solder nozzle tinning system keeps our solder nozzles meticulously clean by removing oxidation residues and re-tinning the surface of the nozzle without any resulting overspray or contamination of the printed circuit board or the selective soldering machine.

集成解决方案。The Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning System fully integrates with closed-loop process controls embedded in Nordson SELECT’s SWAK-OS 4.0 software providing seamless operation for your selective soldering process. Nordson SELECT’s closed-loop process controls enable sucessful results for a full range of soldering applications and ensures stable and repeatable results for high-yield production.

经验。在十多年的选择性焊接经验和目前生产的一千多个系统中,Nordson Select致力于为此提供创新解决方案

Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning System

Compatible Solder Alloys:
Lead-free solder

Solder wire type: AFCW-Sn99.3/Cu0.7
Solder wire diameter: 1.59 mm (0.062 in.)
Solder density: 7.31 grams/cm3