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Bondtesting Systems

DAGE BondTest Product Range

Fully Automated Bondtesters

我们的自动化Bondtesters删除需要加工ator intervention. They can automatically test the most demanding applications such as high density solder bumps or micro-copper pillars. As standard all these Bond Testers come with Reinshaw linear encoder XY stages, guaranteeing the best movement resolution on the market.

4800 product logo

The 4800 INTEGRA is the most advanced Bondtester on the market and is capable of high throughput shear and pull testing with robotic EFEM handler and OHT integration. Shear solder bumps, copper pillars or thin die. Wire pull tight pitch layouts and stacked memory devices.

4800 Integra Bondtester
4600 - w

4600 - wAutomated Bondtester

The 4600-W Bondtester is a benchtop system designed test semiconductor wafers using a robot handler. Test an entire casette of wafers without operator input. The system can automatically complete shear and pull test patterns with different orientations of bonds, while recording failure mode images after test.

4600Automated Bondtester

The 4600 Bondtester is designed to eliminate uncertainty by providing a robust fully automated testing solution. This bench top system achieves operator free testing by using a high accuracy XY stage and on-board camera’s. The system is proven to give ultimate reliability and avoids the risk of human error.

4600 Bondtester
4600 -低频Automated Lead Frame Test Solution0

4600 -低频Automated Lead Frame Test Solution

The 4600-LF is an integrated lead frame indexer robot and bondtester that can automatically load, test & unload magazines of product.
Testing reams of magazines filled with sensors, memory and integrated circuits has never been easier. It also comes in benchtop form factor to fit into your test and quality assurance workflow.

Micro Materials Testing

Research and development engineers need to find unique failure modes on PCB and semiconductor devices. Our materials testers allow you to perform scratch, bend, tensile, compression and shear on a single platform. For solder characterisation you can perform high strain rate testing or long term fatigue analysis at high and low temperatures.

Prospector crop Prospector product logo

Introducing Nordson DAGE’s new Micro Materials Tester - Prospector™. Designed for the most advanced failure analysis investigations. Prospector brings 5 new perspectives into the one instrument to ensure you can find every failure.

4000 High Speed Bondtester

4000HS High SpeedBondtester

High speed testing allows lead free solder analysis, impact testing and brittle fracture joint analysis testing. Standard Bondtesters cannot identify differences between lead and lead free solder, however, at high speeds differences are easily identified.

Bondtesting Systems

We have been manufacturing Bondtesters from our UK factory for over 50 years. Our patented shear height accuracy gives the most consistent shear test results on the market and its something we are very proud of. We have experience in custom tooling such as jaws and shear tools and can design stages and work holders to suit your requirements.

4000Plus Bondtester

4000 PLUSAdvanced Bondtester

The 4000PLUSis designed for the most complex and challenging samples or where unique test types are required. This highly versatile system can cope with high forces while maintaining maximum accuracy. Tackle everything from stacked die in memory devices to combined wire pull/ball shear in LED’s.

4000 OPTIMAProduction Bondtester

Optimized for production environments the 4000 OPTIMA is the fastest and most reliable Bondtester, while maintaining the accuracy needed for high throughput environments.

4000 Optima Bondtester
4000 Bondtester

4000 SeriesBondtester

The award winning and industry leading Bondtester has over 20 years of use in the market. By maximizing the ergonomics of the instrument layout and user interface, the 4000 Series is the most easy to use Bondtester.